we sign it - Petition for the withdrawal of Charles Enderlin's press licence, the media against israel

Petition for the withdrawal of Charles Enderlin's press licence, the media against israel


Charles Enderlin is a journalist from a French television channel based in Jerusalem; he is the cause of constant slip-ups against Israel, and of misrepresentation of information presenting systematically Israel as an aggressor.

His biggest misdeed is having manipulated a report in 2000 on the alleged death of Mohamed Al Dura, a 12-year-old child. The free and worldwide distribution of this report triggered a wave of unprecedented anti-Semitism and the death of innocent Jews by fanaticized Arab masses, among them the journalist Daniel Pearl.

By this petition, we ask that he is rendered harmless by the withdrawal of his press card, which would prevent him from working in Israel.


September 30th, 2000, the Second Intifada, longstanding matured by the Palestinian authority, grows in power in the Gaza strip. At crossroads of Netzarim, a report shot in shady and partial conditions, shows a young boy “dying” in the arms of his father, hit by a bullet.

Charles Enderlin, reporter of France 2 in Israel, and his Arab cameraman Talal Hassan Abu Rahma, broadcast freely to televisions of the world an editing of the scene.


Considering the incoherence of the report, voices rose to question the displayed version, and ask questions the French justice has never accepted to answer.

The media united with Charles Enderlin and used this episode as a pretext to attack Israel. The broadcasting of the video led to an unprecedented anti-Semitism and endangered the life of Jews in Israel and elsewhere in the world.

Taking back the codes of traditional anti-Semitism, like child murder, this report carries a wide responsibility in the aggravation of anti-Semitic violence in France especially, and contributed to nourish this feeling.

In Israel, 2 soldiers were lynched by the Palestinian crowd in the name of a so called vengeance of Mohamed Al Dura.

The Israeli government carried out an investigation on the conditions of making of this report, which French justice never wanted to do, and the commission in charge of this stated that it was an image editing of ideological purpose.

Regarding the very tragic consequences of this manipulation, we require the Israeli government to:

Temporarily take Charles Enderlin’s press card away, as a protective measure, until the depletion of legal appeals and he being cleared, if there are grounds for it.

Hold suspicions for serious professional misconduct against Charles Enderlin and Talal Hassan Abu Rahma and forbid them any journalistic activity in Israel or out of Israel, until the last legal appeal possible.

If the Israeli justice confirms the manipulation:

Convert the temporarily press card withdrawal measure into a definitive withdrawal for Charles Enderlin.

Confirm the definitive ban on exercising an occupation with regard to the press and journalism out of the Israeli territory for Charles Enderlin and Talal Hassan Abu Rahma.

Definitive expulsion of the Israeli territory against Talal Hassan Abu Rahma.

The criminal indictment of Charles Enderlin and Talal Hassan Abu Rahma for “incitement to murder”.


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